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Does Arcmain support the stream level backups?


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Arcmain supports four ways of archive:

a) All AMP

b) Parallel all AMP

c) Cluster

d) MultiStream

Use of above methods is purely based on the BAR toplogy.In the recent versions of Teradata we use multi-stream backup.


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I've used ACRMAIN for some time and have run many restores over the years.  The ARC0805 error has always plagued us as it is extremely vague and gives very little to go on in the error messages in the manuals.  Does anyone out there have a method of debugging this type of error? 

I’m in the middle of a D/R test and have restored many hundreds of tables already.  For some reason, these couple of jobs on this single media server keep failing with the following error.

Error message from ARCMAIN Restore job:

04/23/2013 11:12:16  RELEASE LOCK,

04/23/2013 11:12:16  NO BUILD,

04/23/2013 11:12:16  FILE=ARCHIVE;

04/23/2013 11:12:16  UTILITY EVENT NUMBER  - 1332853

04/23/2013 11:12:20  LOGGED ON   24 SESSIONS

04/23/2013 11:12:20  ARCHIVE MAPPED TO ws4610_513e848800000291_DSTREAM0001.

04/23/2013 11:12:36  *** Failure ARC0805:Access Module returned error code 34:

                     Error BAM1300: 5:Server Status:  the restore failed to

                     recover the requested files .

04/23/2013 11:12:37  LOGGED OFF  26 SESSIONS


Error message description from the Teradata Manuals:

ARC0805 Access Module returned error code %s: %s

Explanation: Access Module returned non-zero return code. This means there was an error during I/O operation.

For Whom: User.

Notes: None.

Remedy: See the reason for the error, then fix and resubmit the job.

List of codes associated with this ARC0800 error message from the Teradata Manuals:

Explanation: An attempt to open the specified file was not successful.

For Whom: User

Notes: Reason codes for ARC08XX series messages.

5 Rewrite request invalid for archive dataset

34 Dataset disp = shr

Codes 5 and 34 were referenced in the original error message, 5 after the BAM1300 error and 34 after the ARC0805 error.


I’ve been able to run other successful ARCMAIN jobs on this same media server yesterday and today, even jobs that call the exact same tape that these jobs will want to use.  The ARCMAIN job will logon successfully, go to Tape Mount phase and then shortly after that, Fail with this error.  There is no sign that this job is even making it to NetBackup.

I have rebuilt the script in TARA, twice and I have also stopped and started all TARA and NBU services on the Windows Media servers in an attempt to clear this error but no dice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I have used ARCMAIN and TARA and usually they run smoothly. I am not sure what type of objects you are trying to restore. If possible, try copy instead of restore to see if it is successful or not

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I am getting the same error, can someone explain 

*** Failure ARC0805:Access Module returned error code 34:



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Could you provide more detail (complete log) to analyze further.

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It was a backup job running on the system. The system got stuck at this for roughly 5 hours and terminated with the following error


 11:24:53  *** Failure ARC0805:Access Module returned error code 34: Error BAM1300: 3:System detected error, operation aborted. .

 11:24:56  LOGGED OFF  14 SESSIONS


arcmain return code = 12

nbujobdata returned 0, cannot get NetBackup job data

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Please help me with arcmain script issue.


We have more than 75000+ tables in a single database which further increases frequently. So our backup script in TARA also fails. We thought to split the script but that also seems not possible because of this increasing tables. Can you please help me with this issue and what we can do to backup the particular database.


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