BTEQ login string (username / password) for 8.1 demo?


BTEQ login string (username / password) for 8.1 demo?

Hello all -

Well this is kind of embarassing -
It has been 3 years since I worked in a Teradata shop, I'm a little rusty. I've been managing an SQL Server shop for the past 3 years, but that's another story.

Just got the 8.1 demo installed on my laptop and have been using the TDAT SQL Ass't. with no problems at all.

However, I wanted to refresh myself on the usage of BTEQ, so I'm trying to login to that tool, but I'm hitting a snag.

I cannot seem to find anywhere in the documentation that details the basics - username and password for the .logon string.

Reviewing how I used to login to an old demo system and rummaging around in my hosts file revealed the following to me...

1) current host file entry - localhost DemoTDATcop1
2) old demo I used to login with (at least I think I used to logon with this):
.logon democop1/dbc
*** (I think it was dbc).
where democop1 was the name in the host entry associated with

So I tried logging in to Teradata 8.1 through BTEQWin with:
.logon DemoTDATcop1/dbc

But I get an error - invalid logon string.

Can someone throw me a bone here and provide me with the logon string (machine/user & password) to use to login to the 8.1 demo system?

Thanks in advance.


Re: BTEQ login string (username / password) for 8.1 demo?

That worked! Thanks.

It had been a long time, I just could not remember the exact phrasing.

Regards and thanks again.