Backup Terminated in the Middle of the way..


Backup Terminated in the Middle of the way..

Hi All,

I have been taking the backup of our warehouse table which is having 80 GB of data by using ARCMAIN.But after dumping of 15 GB of data from that table to data file,it was terminated / Aborted by the system or some one...

1 ) Is there any option to continue from that point instead of statring from scratch?

2) Is ARCMAIN having any checkpoint option like other Utilities?



Re: Backup Terminated in the Middle of the way..

It depends on if you enabled checkpoints for the archive in question. If not when you restart the archive it will start from the beginning. See Chapter 4 of the Archive/Recovery Utility Reference for Runtime Parameters regarding the use of checkpoint for capturing restart information.


Re: Backup Terminated in the Middle of the way..

If your client system or Teradata ARC fails during an archive, you can restart the operation. Teradata ARC responds to the failure by
logging all its sessions off the Teradata Database. Because the Teradata Database does not journal Teradata ARC
statements, Teradata ARC takes no recovery action at logoff. Database locks placed by a utility
statement on databases or tables remain intact following a failure.
You can restart a utility operation automatically if you specify the RESTART runtime option
when you invoke Teradata ARC. It uses the restart log to determine the state of the pending
operation. Command execution continues using the copy of the original source statement file.
Teradata ARC reads the restart log to determine its restart point, then reenters the statement
that was being processed at the time of the failure.
If a client or utility failure interrupted an archive of database DBC, you cannot restart the operation.
If an archive or restore of multiple databases including database DBC is interrupted, you must
resubmit the ARCHIVE statement, but you can also specify the RESTART option.