CLIv2 program and TimeStamp


CLIv2 program and TimeStamp

Hi all,

I am writing CLIv2 program (acutally this will be external procedure later) and have following question. When issuing following query "SELECT current_timestamp(0)" in the program to Teradata the result row is represented in the CHAR format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS. Is it possible to make CLIv2 return TimeStamp data type, I mean:

typedef struct TimeStamp


    DECIMAL4 seconds;   /* represented as DECIMAL(8,6) */

    SMALLINT year;

    BYTEINT  month;

    BYTEINT  day;

    BYTEINT  hour;

    BYTEINT  minute;

} TimeStamp

The other question is:

If the answer to the previous question is no, then how can I get actual data type of the column? In some way ODBC and .NetProvider know the data type of each column when resultset is returned to the client.

I use following DBCAREA settings:

    dbcarea_pt->resp_mode = 'I';

    dbcarea_pt->change_opts = 'Y';

    dbcarea_pt->use_presence_bits = 'Y';

    dbcarea_pt->keep_resp = 'N';

    dbcarea_pt->loc_mode = 'Y';

    dbcarea_pt->var_len_req = 'N';

    dbcarea_pt->save_resp_buf = 'N';

    dbcarea_pt->two_resp_bufs = 'N';

    dbcarea_pt->ret_time = 'N';

    dbcarea_pt->wait_for_resp = 'Y';

    dbcarea_pt->req_proc_opt = 'B';

    dbcarea_pt->req_buf_len = 1024;

    dbcarea_pt->resp_buf_len = 1024;

    dbcarea_pt->data_encryption = 'N';

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Re: CLIv2 program and TimeStamp

I found one way to determine whether column is CHAR or TimeStamp/Time. One need to use Format:

tmp = (PrepInfo_t *)(dbcarea_pt->fet_data_ptr);

for (i = 0; i < 100; i++)

                printf("%c", ((char *)&tmp->ColInfo[0])[i]);

This prints out all ColInfo_t structure one of the fields of each is format.

It appears that Timestamp has ALWAYS 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS*' as format and Time 'HH:MI:SS*'.

Any other data type can't have such format.

This is really ugly, but I remember some severe problems while working with Teradata Timestamps in Visual Studio with .NetProvider and ODBC.

Hope this helps anyone.

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Re: CLIv2 program and TimeStamp

What exactly are you trying to code?


Re: CLIv2 program and TimeStamp

I am writing external stored procedure which can execute dynamic call statement. Call statement can have out parameters. The only problem I see is with Timestamp and Time, when DBCAREA specifies that data type of the Time* fields is CHAR.

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Re: CLIv2 program and TimeStamp

Am sure you will take care .... but just beware of the out-of-memory exceptions. They can occur in this sort of implementation.