CPU BUSY @ 80% only

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CPU BUSY @ 80% only

SELECT  thedate AS TheDate
             ,hr||':'||TRIM(mm) AS TimeOfDay
             ,cpubusy/secs AS CPUBusy
             ,waitio/secs AS WaitIO
   FROM (SELECT thedate
                        ,(thetime/10000) (INT) AS hr
                        ,((thetime/10000)-((thetime/10000) (INT)))*100 (FORMAT '99') AS mm
                        ,SUM(secs) AS secs
                        ,SUM(cpubusy) AS cpubusy
                        ,SUM(cpuwaitio) AS waitio
              FROM dbc.resgeneralinfoview
            WHERE thedate  BETWEEN '2014-11-01' AND '2014-11-11'
            GROUP BY 1,2,3,4 
           ) AS resgeneralsum
ORDER BY 1,2  ;


I'm new to Teradata and I was questioned by a client regarding the reports I'm generating. I'm using this code for a while now to check CPU BUSY of our system. I just noticed that for the span of 5 mos supporting the clients database the CPU Busy ain't reaching 100% mark but when in viewpoint I see the system being utilized for 100% almost everyday.

The two questions bugging me are these:

1. Is the CPU BUSY and CPU Utilization the same or we are talking about different things here?

2. How come I only see 80% of CPU Busy but when I ran the same script to other machines it says 100% most of the time?

3. Is there a system configuration that I need to tick in order for our teradata system to use 100% for CPU BUSY? ( I Dont know if I asked it right)

I hope someone can help me here.