Case Statement on an Inline View

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Case Statement on an Inline View

Hi All,

I have a problem that looks weird to me and don't understand why that happens. I have a query which has 2 sets of computations from a table.

The first set of computations is an inline view that aggregates the data and also does some column computations and the outer query uses a case statement to read data from the inline view and sets column values.

The issue that I have is that each time I run the query, I get different values in the rows. The SUM(values) across the rows is always the same but the individual row values are never the same.

I then created a table for the inline view and then use the outer case statement to read from this table. Now I get the same values all the time. Why would this happen? I would have expected the values to change even after reading from a table instead or the values to be the same all the time when read from an inline view

Can anyone please help me understand this?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Case Statement on an Inline View

Hi Haarish,

could you show the SQL? 

Is there any RANDOM/SAMPLE/OLAP function in the Derived Table?