Changes to DBC USER


Changes to DBC USER

I am a DBA and trying to correct some of the entries for just 2 or 3 users

- Commentstring - Incorrect names in commentstring

- Ownername - Couple of cases where DBAs are listed as Teradata_Users and 1 user listed as Teradata_DBAS


Modify user doesn't seem to have the syntax to change these columns. I got a 5315 (lack of access) when I I tried to run an UPDATE on the dbc.dbase table, using the DBC id.


Is there any way to correct the issues without dropping and recreating the user accounts ?


Thanks in advance



Re: Changes to DBC USER

Nobody (including dbc) can modify important system tables.


Wrong comments: you need to set a new comment using

COMMENT ON USER blabla IS 'this is user blabla';


Wrong owner: Those users have been created with a wrong FROM option, you can move them within the hierarchy using

GIVE blabla TO Teradata_DBAS;


Btw, I would expect a DBA to know about those basic things...