Clarification doubt on SPOOL SPACE


Clarification doubt on SPOOL SPACE


I am new to teradata, 

I have SQL code previously it was running fine. but some day i am getting spool space error on my userid. When i am trying to run in another user id its working fine. Why i am facing this problem. Is it problem with my user id. Can you help of out this guys.




Re: Clarification doubt on SPOOL SPACE

All users are allocated with certain amount of spool space for the query answer set. So there are chances that your user id got allocated with less space than the another one that you use.

Spool space error could occur for multiple reasons. Basically, it occurs because of inefficient query, sometimes bad joins, bad/wrong stats, not properly defined primary index on tables etc.

As you said, you face this problem only sometimes with your id, so I think you have enough spool space assigned to your id, but something's wrong with your query. Doble check all the joins and PIs of tables. If possible, share it here and will take a look.

Re: Clarification doubt on SPOOL SPACE

Thanks :)