Clob Column - performance implications

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Clob Column - performance implications


I am researching to know the performance impact of using a clob column/XML columns in tables.

What are the situations wherein we should consider using a clob column ? What are the performance impacts of using a clob column if i want to use such a column in where condition or join conditions ? What are other implications that we should consider before designing such a table ? I know that clob objects create a subtable and it needs to be accessed to get the data for the clob column.

If you can give me some pointers to links/materials giving some details on this, then it will be very helpful.

I am reposting to bigger audiance then the connetivity section.



Re: Clob Column - performance implications

Hi. I was writing a post on my blog about this topic. Basically, CLOBs are not stored in the base table but in a sub table. Depending if you select the CLOB column or not this may have an performance impact:

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