Columnname on which error occurred


Columnname on which error occurred

Greetings Experts,

We doesn't have access to our PROD and we develop scripts and test in SIT, UAT.  When promoted to PROD, occassionally the following errors occur.

Invalid Date/Timestamp

Numeric overflow occurred


Why doesn't Teradata show the exact column name on which the error occurred.  We need to go through the script where around 20 columns are being casted from varchar to date/timestamp and around 10 columns are prone to Numeric overflow occurred.  We need to individually go through each column expecting this might be the culprit one.  Will be more relieved when the error does show up the column name.  I am sure that as it was not implemented till now, assume that this should have been more complex due to run time errors.

However, the ET_, UV_ error tablenames does capture some of these errors I guess (may be not all)  Can you please explain the possible reason for this.

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Re: Columnname on which error occurred

Dear Experts,

Was expecting your suggestions on this.