Compare two Database

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Compare two Database

Hi There,

if someone can help me here that would be much appreciated.

I will detail what i am trying to achieve here.

In aquistion phase once the file from source system is extracted it goes to staging area where then its is moved to source image(Target).

Initially in the first run everything will be moved to source image and its easy to test.

but there after if the load is full/partial load with new records/Update records or delete records it starts getting complex.

In developing the logic they have used is if the data is not changed then they dont touch the records in other words only update the record if its a new/update/Delete records.

So my question is what query do i use to compare the staging image DB with source image but the data in source image of last instance.

The reason i am asking last instance is due to the time contraint we dont have manual hold in the schedule so once we start the first job it only stops after whole thing is been processed if not we could have stopped just after loading new data in staging area to compare with old data in source image and find out the results.

Let me know if it makes sense if not i can give you example.