Compiling UDFs Migration from TD13 to TD14


Compiling UDFs Migration from TD13 to TD14

We have some great UDFs in TD13 and are having trouble recompiling them on the new box in TD14 

In the old system we simply listed all the .cpp files e.g.

EXTERNAL NAME 'SS!udffilename1!udffilename1.cpp!SS!udffilename2!udffilename2.cpp'

EXTERNAL NAME 'SI!udffilename0!udffilename0.h!SI!udffilename1!udffilename1.h!SI!udffilename2!udffilename2.h!SS!udffilename2!udffilename2.cpp'

Now for some reason it also wants all the .h files listed too, but then it gets confused and starts claiming some files don't exist even when they do.

In file included from udffilename2.h:78,

                 from udffilename2.cpp:8:

udffilename1.h:30:87: error: /etc/opt/teradata/tdconfig/Teradata/tdbs_udf/usr

/udffilename0.h: No such file or directory

Is there a parameter somewhere we can set just to say "follow your nose" to any include files mentioned in the program?



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Re: Compiling UDFs Migration from TD13 to TD14

Hi, I don't have answer to your question but just wanted to check how did the migration go overall? I am PLanning for migration from TD13.1 to TD14.1 so wanted to check is there any issues that you have faced during the migration. What approach you used for the migration? Appreciate your help.