Compressing existing column gives odd error message


Compressing existing column gives odd error message

I'm working through adding compression to a number of tables.  This has been the addition of compression to already existing and populated columns.  But then I hit a table, when I've tried to add compression, I get error messages like: 

Executed as Single statement.  Failed [3562 : HY000] New column LIMIT_ONE has no data type.


The column Limit_One already exists and has a data type.  The column is a char() type and is nullable.  Reviewing DBC.ColumnsV, I'm not finding anything that seems significantly different between this table and others to which I've already added compression.


Has anyone else seen this issue?  Work-around (ideally without rebuilding the table)? 


We are currently on version 15 although some tables may have been created as early as version 13.