Connection being reset systematically


Connection being reset systematically


I've installed the V2R6.1 demo on a Windows 2003 SR2 computer (not in a domain). Whenever I start the database via the Teradata Service Control it seems to start OK, but any subsequent query gets a connection reset error and the database goes down.

In the Application event log, apart from the usual suspects mentioned in the help file, I get the following:

On startup:

Type: Warning
EventId: 29002
Description: PDE Warning user RSS 11920: \.\PhysicalDrive1 : The request is not supported.

Type: Information
EventId: 8070
Description: The gateway was unable to register the Service Principal Name (SPN).
Kerberos is not supported as a authentication protocol.

On querying:

Type: Error
EventId: 10416
Description: Event number 33-10416-00 (severity 50, category 10), occurred on Wed Aug 15 15:45:20 2007, at 001-01 (Vproc 1, partition 11, task 3636) in system localhost in Module actmain, version PDE:,TDBMS:,RSG:,TGTW:,TCHN:,TDGSS:
Task aborted abnormally.

Exception dump:
Context flags=0x0001003F
EAX = 0x00000000 - EBX = 0x08C0C6BC
ECX = 0x058019F0 - EDX = 0x00000320
ESI = 0x08C0ED82 - EDI = 0x08BF6A84
EBP = 0x08BF68C8 - ESP = 0x08BF65B4
CS = 0x0000001B - EIP = 0x08C0ED82
DS = 0x00000023 - ES = 0x00000023
FS = 0x0000003B - GS = 0x00000000
SS = 0x00000023 - flags = 0x00010216
Exception record:
addr 0x08C0ED82

Proc/Fun File Line
dbs1.dll/evlinterp+12e in evlinterp.c:1133
dbs1.dll/evlbuild+6f in evlbuild.c:221
stp.dll/WalkTbl+6cd in stpret.c:2035
stp.dll/stpret+2846 in stpret.c:3476
stp.dll/awtstphd+1c1 in awtstphd.c:279
stp.dll/awtmain+1fe6 in awtmain.c:2480
pde.dll/tsknewthread+3fd in tskport.c:1245

Type: Information
EventId: 13906
Description: Assert failed in 7ac/101c: pMainGdoNodeData->hGdoFile != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE at gdo/gdoinit.c:597

Type: Error
EventId: 11450
Description: Event number 33-11450-00 (severity 90, category 9), occurred on Wed Aug 15 15:45:23 2007, at 001-01 (Vproc 16384, partition 0, task 4124) in system in Module pdemain, version
Event number 33-11450-00 (severity 90, category 9), occurred on Wed Aug 15 15:45:23 2007, at 001-01 (Vproc 16384, partition 0, task 4124) in system in Module pdemain, version
Create/Open of GDO mapfile failed: EMF: unknown built-in at offset 57

Any ideas? Is it a kerberos issue? An inability to write to a file?


Re: Connection being reset systematically

Wow, man - this looks incident worthy.

It looks like an AMP worker task is going down when trying to open a memory mapped file? Something to do with GDO?

I'd argue that, even if there is a "problem" with the configuration of your machine, an AWT should never crash that ungracefully.

If you have a software background and would like to dig into permissions and configuration settings required for and surrounding the use of Windows Named Pipes and Memory Mapped Files in Windows 2003. However, if you send the trace to Teradata, they may instantly know what is going on ...

Re: Connection being reset systematically

I think I've seen this before. You're getting an access violation when Teradata attempts to execute some generated machine code. (The other events in your log appear to be either unrelated or secondary.)

You need to disable a Microsoft Windows feature that disallows the execution of machine instructions in a data segment. Read the gory details here:

Edit c:\boot.ini, look for "/noexecute=" and change the parameter value after "=" to "alwaysoff". The file should like something like this:

[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=alwaysoff /fastdetect


Re: Connection being reset systematically

And if you are running on Windows 2003 SR2 standard edition... well it's a place where not many have been lucky to get things to work. support guys have always washed their hands on the topic, though some has been able to get Demo to work after a hard struggle (The full version, I am told, still doesn't work). So if you are running on standard edition, you might as well try switching to Enterprise edition.

Re: Connection being reset systematically

Thanks chaps, it's working now (on Win2003 standard edition SR2).

It was indeed DEP that was causing the problem. You would think that if DEP shut down a thread, MS would at least indicate the fact elegantly in the Event Log...