Controling access for views by managing table privileges


Controling access for views by managing table privileges

Can I control access via views by managing the privileges on the underlying tables?

I want to create a bunch of views and have the access controlled by managing access to the underlying tables. 

For Example:

I have database T that contains table Table-1.

I have a view database V that contains View-1 defined as:  select * from T.Table-1

User1 has Read access on T.Table-1 (in this case, granted via a role)

User2 does not have access to T.Table-1

Both users have Select on database V.

If database V has Read access on Database T, but does not have the GRANT Option, then neither use can access the data.  I get the "owner reference by user does not have Select With Grant Option." error.

If I grant database V "Select on T With GRANT Option,"  then both users can get to the underlying data.

Is there a way around this?

The context for this is that I want to give users the ability to create views in a lab database that they can share with other users, but only if those other users already have access to the underlying data.