Converting CET TO PST timestamp


Converting CET TO PST timestamp

Hello Experts

I have a requirement to convert oracle date field, that YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS , which is in CET TIME ZONE data.

This data to be  converted  to PST  Timezone in Teradata by considering the Daylight Saving Timings in mind.

Is there any  easier and more effecient way to tackle this issue.


Teradata Employee

Re: Converting CET TO PST timestamp

Depends partly on how your system is set up.

If dbscontrol TimeDateWZControl is 3 or 4, then the job that loads the data should SET TIME ZONE = 'Europe Central' and the SELECT can specify or default to AT 'America Pacific'.

Consider storing the time zone (e.g. TIMESTAMP(0) WITH TIME ZONE) so you also have the option of displaying timestamp AT SOURCE in queries as well as AT LOCAL or AT (specific zone or fixed offset).