Copy Dictionary & error 2654


Copy Dictionary & error 2654

i experiment an error (2654) when i try to access tables created with a COPY DICTIONARY on a 'B' system, after archiving the tables on a 'A' system.
It looks much like a last-year subject in Teradata forum: "Backup structures only" - Oct,the 4th.
the response says that "The object restored using dictionary backup will remain unusable" :
Why ? Documentation on Archive / Recovery operations doesn't point it. What is wrong with a Copy Dictionary used to create those tables without data ?
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PS: well ... i have just found the answer with arcmain:
BUILD DATA TABLES (Databasename.tablename), ...., release lock;
So i can access the tables.
Next time i'll take a few minutes ..

Re: Copy Dictionary & error 2654

To the best of my understanding, copy dictionary only copies the data dictionary rows for the table. It does not create the Table headers in the AMPS. that's where BUILD DATA TABLES comes into picture.