CostprofileId Recommendations for Teradata Database

Teradata Employee

CostprofileId Recommendations for Teradata Database

Hi Everyone,


I have a  question regarding costprofile settings in Teradata. The value of CostProfileID parameter in DBS Control General settings is set to 0 (SysDefault) in our case. We are running TD 15.10 on a 6750H platform, should we not set the CostProfileID = 40 (Default cost profile starting from Teradata15_10) [Select * From dbc.CostProfiles] What is the general recommendation for modifying CostProfileID from default 0 to another value. 


I do notice queries with PJIs above 5 and high REQ CPU quite often. Can changing the cost parameter make a positive impact? I understand that changing this parameter just like that may not be a good idea so is there a way we can set/change costprofileid for a particular user at session level and may be observe the results at user level? Any help in this matter will be appreciated :)