DBQL tables changes between 12 and 13.10


DBQL tables changes between 12 and 13.10

We've upgraded from 12.0 to 13.10:

Using TDWA to get Workload recommendation returned the following error:

[column statementgroup not found in SYS_MGMT.dbqlogtbl_hst]

it's understandable that the new definition in TD 13.10 for DBC.dbqlogtbl had new column "StatementGroup", whicg do not exist in our Historical table  SYS_MGMT.dbqlogtbl_hst since the later just had been restored from V.12 as it is.

My concern is there could be other changes also in the other DBQL tables which need to be Sync'd to our historical tables.

My questions are:

1) Is there any resource/document describes DBQL tables changes from R12 to R13 so we can plan clearly for the changes necessary to modify the historical tables instead of going through each DBQL table and add necessary column to R12  historical tables.

2) are there any ready-made script like DIP scripts which can help automating this task or can be used as a guidleine.


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Re: DBQL tables changes between 12 and 13.10

Check http://downloads.teradata.com/download/database/dbql-scripts for migration scripts.

Changes should be indicated and in the "Data Dictionary" manual -> "Changes to This Book", maybe in the "Release Summary" manual, too (didn't check).



Re: DBQL tables changes between 12 and 13.10

Not sure it's a correct place for this comment but there's something wrong with DBQL downlaods:


Migration scripts for v12 to v13 is missing !

Migration from 13 to 14 mentioned twice !:

Migration from v2r6 to 12 exist.

Whome i should contact for the missing v12 to v13 scripts.