DBQLogTbl and DBQLSummaryTbl difference


DBQLogTbl and DBQLSummaryTbl difference

I am using Threshold flag and setting the ThreshValue to 0. Both Log and Summary tables should capture all queries.

The query count for a particular time interval is different between the two tables.
e.g. DBQLSummaryTbl gives sum(QueryCount) = 47 where as number of rows for DBQLogTbl is 7.
This may be possible as DBQLog does not logs every query in single row.

But when I compared different columns they all had different values, e.g.
sum(AmpCpuTime) for DBQLSummaryTbl = 0.86
sum(AmpCpuTime) for DBQLogTbl = 0.40

Shouldn't the AmpCpuTime be same for both the tables?

Please clarify.