DDL/DML Version Control

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DDL/DML Version Control

Hi Teradata Gurus,

I am relatively new to Teradata and using Teradata ver 13 SQL assistant. I need to verify from the experts whether there is any version control in place in Teradata for the code we develop. For example, if I modify a table 5 times adding some columns each time, Can I see all these DDL/DML versions at a place for that table/view/macro/etc.?

If this feature is in place, please share how to get this. If not, then what is the process we can use to get all the versions of DDL/DML for a table/view/macro?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: DDL/DML Version Control

Hi Pawan,

there's no built-in version control, Teradata doesn't store "previous" versions.

To achieve your goal you might use some external version control software like Subversion.