Data backup


Data backup

what is the difference between

i. Data Restore

ii. Data Copy

-- During failover or maintainence we will take backup of existing data . In thet case  will the above methods are useful ?

Can you please provide info.. on it.


Re: Data backup

-- restore the object must already exist, i.e: restore the sales_detail table to the sales database because a record was dropped.

-- copy the object does not need to exist. example: copy the sales_detail table to the sandbox database for testing or copy it to the sales database if the table was dropped



Re: Data backup

Below is the difference between the two:

Restore Job:

If the table you are to restore currently exists at the same location, (note that it has not been dropped and recreated since the time the backup was taken) you would make a restore job.

Copy Job:

You would make a Copy Job in one of the following situations:

  1. The table does not currently exist in the current location
  2. The table had been dropped and recreated since the time the backup was taken
  3. If you want to make a copy of the table in a different database, other than the one in which it exists

For point 2 in Copy Job, even though the table exists with the same name, the Restore Job will fail and Copy Job would have to be made. This is because, for Restore Job to work the table header ID of existing table and table to restore should be the same. If the table is recreated, the table header ID is different.