Database Wellness/Health-check:manual approach

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Database Wellness/Health-check:manual approach

Being new to Teradata (coming in from Oracle), I understand that Viewpoint has very robust portlets sufficing the daily wellness checks and even more than that.. However, there are still instances where we miss minor things that could potentially lead to major issue if not proactively checked and/or acted upon.

So, without using Viewpoint, can you please help me identify key points on what to check in our daily Teradata DBA-life, (i.e Backup job completion, Space growth trend, Long-running Locks, Long running queries, Archiving success (i.e, DBQL archiving)) ... please help me fill up the list for more.

..again, i am aware of the Viewpoint power/capabilities, but I would like my team to have a quick guideline on what are the critical things to look at, the moment they start their shift, and not JUST RELYING to email alerts, and or browsing the Viewpoint Portlets.

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