Date format when importing data using Fastload

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Date format when importing data using Fastload

I'm in the process of importing data in CSV format, using Fastload, into Teradata.


The input file includes a date (stored as a string) in the format MM/YYYY. As part of the import process I'd like this to be stored as a date.


I'm trying to do this by defining the DATE field in a specific way, when creating the MULTISET table, e.g.



Unfortunately Fastload doesn't accept his approach (though it does work if I use a simple INSERT process, after creating the aforementioned table)


Any help would be much appreciated!

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Re: Date format when importing data using Fastload

Hi Andy,


I think you'll need to concatenate the 'day' portion into that value and define the format in the Fastload appropriately.


Something like:

- definition in Fastload is DD/MM/YYYY

- concatenation:  '01'||data_field


This now allows Fastload to process (and pass to TD) as real date and not just a month/year component.




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