Datediff to date


Datediff to date

I am trying to go from this:

and (a.ActlShpmtStrtDt >= "to_date"('01/07/2014', 'dd/mm/yyyy')

to this and (a.ActlShpmtStrtDt >= "to_date"(w,currentdate,-13)

thank you for any help

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Re: Datediff to date

Teradata is not Oracle :-)

There's no reason to use TO_DATE to get a date, better use DATE '2014-07-01' instead, it's shorter and there's only one possble format YYYY-MM-DD.

What is the w in the 2nd to_date supposed to do/be?

Use CURRENT_DATE - 13 to substract 13 days

or CURRENT_DATE - 13*7 to substract 13 weeks