Error : 2644 : No More room in database DBC


Error : 2644 : No More room in database DBC

Hi Dieter,

This topic might have been discussed earlier, hoever, reaching out to you for a quick reference. We are doing data load in a server with 180 amps. And while loading even a small table, we have been getting "No more room in database DBC" . We have primarily checked the following options.

1. space in DBC : We already have 3TB free space in DBC.

2. The table does not have any transient journal which could have been a possible reason.

3. The table which we were trying to load is small enough ( around 2-3 GBs ) and evenly distributed .

4. The target database has enough space to accomodate the table.

Please note that we have using FLOAD from UNIX and TPT from Informatica.. both the cases, we have been facing same issue. Even fastload through informatica did not work either. We are facing this issue very frequently.

Could this be possibly due to some other process running in the same server and consuming up the spool space with bad skew or could it be due to some other hardware problem. Could multiple TPT jobs running at same time cause this error?

Looking forward for your help.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Error : 2644 : No More room in database DBC

Did you check distribution of free space per AMP in DBC?