Error during fast export


Error during fast export


I am trying to write 15M records into a file using fast export. But it throws the following error :

RDBMS failure: 2644, No more room in database c0000

where c0000 is the username.

I checked for space but there is enough space. Even I tried running the query , which is fetching me results.

I wonder why is this throwing error. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Error during fast export

2644 No more room in database %DBID.
Explanation: This error occurs only when an attempt
is made to increase the amount of space used by a database,
and there is no space left to accommodate the
Note: The numeric database id may be displayed in
place of the database name when the name is not available.
This would be the case, for example, when a CREATE
DATABASE or CREATE USER statement fails
because there is insufficient space in the new database
for a default journal table.
Generated By: AMP Step Processing Software.
For Whom: End User.
Remedy: Either drop some of the tables currently contained
in the database, or have the permanent space
limit for the database increased. Then resubmit the

This is from documentation "Messages"