Error loading data thorugh Bteq

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Error loading data thorugh Bteq

I have flat file which is delimeted with Ç character. I am trying to use plain bteq to load the data with VARTEXT mode. It looks like the VARTEST mode do not support control characters in the field ( for eg newline char being part of the data field ) , hence trying to use DATA or INDICDATA mode. But keep getting this error:
*** Growing Buffer to 13109
*** Error: Import data record not terminated with LF or CF
using record size of 13109 !
*** Warning: Out of data.
*** Finished at Mon Aug 9 14:14:43 2010

script used:
.IMPORT DATA FILE=./core.core_external_order_error_lr.dat

external_order_error_id (VARCHAR(38))
,run_id (VARCHAR(38))
,external_order_request_id (VARCHAR(38))
,external_order_status_id (VARCHAR(38))
,error_code (VARCHAR(20))
,error_txt (VARCHAR(4000))
,resoultion_hint_txt (VARCHAR(500))
,row_last_updated_tmstp (VARCHAR(21))
,ld_dttm (VARCHAR(21))
INSERT INTO core_external_order_error

Appreicate your help to load the data with DATA or INDICDATA mode.