Execute sql through excel vba

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Execute sql through excel vba

Hi ,

I am also facing a problem while executing sql through excel. I have a query that uses pdcrinfo dbql views- dbqllogtbl_hst and dbqlsqltbl_hst. I have just one select statement. When i run this query through excel, it doesn't give me any error, however no rows are returned.

When i run the same query in sql assistant, it gives me 12 rows of o/p.

There is no access issue, as i have checked them all. IS is that we need to do some other settings to use dbql views. When i use the same macro (just call another query in the same macro) to run another query, it gives me results. Only this query doesn't give results.

When i checked the dbql tables for my query, it shows errorcode=0 and numofrows returned=0

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Re: Execute sql through excel vba

Hi Everyone,

Could someone look into this