Expanded Teradata Express Family Available

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Expanded Teradata Express Family Available

The Teradata Express program offers customers a free evaluation version of the Teradata database as a download from Teradata.com.  While the Express edition is not licensed for production usage and is not officially supported, this is a fully functional Teradata database that is a great tool for developers and testers working on their Teradata projects or other who want hands-on learning with Teradata. 

Click here for download information.

Teradata Express Available on New Cloud Platforms

Teradata Express has been available as a Windows installation for Teradata 12 and earlier.  But now with the introduction of Teradata 13, we are pleased to announce that the Teradata Express family of products has been extended to include two new platforms: Teradata Express for VMware Player and Teradata Express for Amazon EC2 are now available.  Both new products take Teradata to the Clouds...  Our VMware Player edition enables customers to deploy to their internal cloud infrastructure while our Amazon EC2 edition enables customers to run their Teradata database on the new Amazon EC2 public cloud platform.  And if that wasn't enough reason for Teradata fans to get excited, these new products now offer support for up to 1 TB of storage!

[June 2010 Update] Teradata Express 13 for VMware Player images have been updated to include the latest patch updates.  Also, a new 4 GB image has been included to support computers with limited available disk space.

[February 2011 Update] Teradata Express 13.10 Available!

[March 2012 Update] Aster Express Images are now available - Introducing Aster Express.

Teradata Express for Windows

This is a continuation of our traditional Teradata Express distribution.  It is an installation package for Windows that includes the Teradata database as well as a collection of the Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU) along with a demo version of Teradata Warehouse Miner.  This is a complete package that will transform your workstation into a powerhouse Teradata development platform.  Teradata Express for Windows is our 32-bit Windows platform offering a maximum database capacity of 10 GB (up from the 4 GB limit of Teradata Express 12.0).   This version is well suited for notebooks and older workstations. 

Teradata Express for VMware Player

This is an exciting new offering by Teradata.  By leveraging VMware technology, we are able to offer a full configured and running Teradata database packaged on Novell's SLES Linux platform.  With the VMware Player, Teradata can be up and running in minutes, fully contained in its own virtual environment.  As this is our fully functioning Linux 64-bit database, a 64-bit capable computer is a requirement.  And as we've highlighted above, the capacity of the database has been extended to a full TB of data!  Also included with this distribution are our Linux load/unload tools; including our new EasyLoader interface to TPT and also our new SQL Assistant Java Edition.

Teradata Express for Amazon EC2

Cloud computing is the hot new topic in the IT world.  The ability to commission servers in minutes on a trusted, hosted platform has the potential to change the way we think about our IT infrastructure.  Amazon is the leader in this space with its Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) platform.  Teradata Express for Amazon EC2 brings a fully configured Linux Teradata server instance running on Novell's SLES 10 to this exciting new platform.  With your Amazon account, a Teradata server with a full terabye of storage capacity can be up and running in minutes.  This Teradata Express database can be used by your development teams for collaboration from anywhere with Internet access.


Once you have a Teradata database instance running on either the Amazon EC2 cloud platform or as a VMware instance, you can then use the Teradata client tools to connect and query the database.  The Teradata Express Windows Client Tools (TTU) are available for downloading here:

Teradata Express 13.10:

Teradata Express 13.0 editions:

Teradata Express 12.0 editions:

Download Sizes, Space Requirements and MD5 Checksums

Please see the table on the Teradata Express download page.


If you experience trouble unzipping the Teradata Express VMware images, please verify the file size of the downloaded file.  As these files are very large, some file corruption may occur during the download process. 

MD5 Checksums

Additionally, the MD5 checksum for each image is provided to help verify the integrity of the downloaded file.  To calculate the MD5 checksum for your downloaded files, follow these steps for your computer platform:

  • For Linux users the command line syntax is: md5sum {file}
  • For Mac users the command line syntax is: openssl md5 {file}
  • For Windows user: Download a checksum tool, such as this command-line tool from Microsoft.

Problems Downloading Files

Try a different browser

- Firefox, Microsoft IE

Check browser settings and Internet connectivity

- Temporarily disable any firewalls and virus checks

- Enlarge the temporary Internet file cache. If the temporary Internet file cache is too small to contain the file as it downloads, the download will fail.

Enlarge the temporary Internet file cache in Internet Explorer 8 (Windows)

1. Choose Tools > Internet Options.

2. In the General tab, look in the Browsing History area and click Settings.

3. In the Temporary Internet Files And History Settings dialog box, increase the Amount Of Disk Space To Use setting to the size of your file. (The default is 50 MB.)

Enlarge the temporary Internet file cache in Firefox 3.x (Mac OS)

1. Choose Firefox > Preferences.

2. In the Advanced tab, click Network.

3. In the Offline Storage area, increase the amount of space for the cache to the size of your file. (The default is 50 MB.)

Try the download again from a different locationp; ie work and home If you are trying to download using a wireless connection, try the download over a wired connection.

Hard drive

- Be sure you have enough free disk space

Error messages

- Post specific error messages in the forums for help

Check to see if the download is paused

Select Save rather than Open

- Select the option to Save the file, and then open the file when it has downloaded to your hard drive.

64-bit CPUs for Teradata Express for VMware Player

Additionally, the Teradata Express for VMware Player images require a 64-bit capable CPU.  You can be running a 32-bit operating system such as Windows XP as the host platform, but your CPU will need to support the 64-bit Linux environment within the Teradata VMware image.  Here is a link to a VMware support document that explains this in more detail as well as a VMware tool for checking your PC's capability: http://www.vmware.com/pdf/processor_check.pdf

Click here for direct link to the Windows CPU Checking Tool

More Information

 We have additional articles on Developer Exchange for the new Teradata Express family:

Please note that while the Teradata Express family of products is not officially supported, you can talk to other users and get help in the Cloud Computing forum.

Teradata Employee

Re: Expanded Teradata Express Family Available

I have installed the TD13 express addition on my Laptop (XP). Does the express addition support the SYSLIB functions?
It is installed but I keep getting strange errors like cannot find or session monitoring not enabled. I suspect their are some
setup procedures. Any insight to this area of using the OPEN API?
Not applicable

Re: Expanded Teradata Express Family Available

After configuring the compiler and link, I could create a function syslib.foo() and invoked it from bteq session.
I tried to get the GLOP feature work, but don't know wether the express version support it or not. Anybody from Teradata side can anwser this?
Teradata Employee

Re: Expanded Teradata Express Family Available

Our GLOP feature will be enabled in a future Teradata 13.00.xx release which should be available mid 2010.

Re: Expanded Teradata Express Family Available

Regarding the VMware version, this means that no 64bit computer no fun, or there's a possible workaround?
If there is please let me know!


Re: Expanded Teradata Express Family Available

Meanwhile I found the solution for the problem above. I'm using a Dell D630 with a 32bit processor, even though it's a 32bit processor some processor's are 64bit compatible and this you can check with this VMware tool VMware-guest64check-6.0.0-45731.exe

If this tool tells you that it's compatible, you need to go to the BIOS of you computer and enable the option that regards virtualization bios.

I hope this is helpful!
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Re: Expanded Teradata Express Family Available

I have download the TDE-V 13 Linux and tried to run the bteq within this VM.

When I tried to logon using dbc account, I got the following message:

.logon dbc


But when I connect to this VM and the database using my host machine Teradata SQL Assist, I can connect to the database and set the following query: select * from dbcinfo;

So I think that my DBS is not really crashed and have no idea when I can not run bteq within VM.
Any advices?


Re: Expanded Teradata Express Family Available

Can Teradata Express be installed on VMWare Server running on Linux or is it restricted to the VMWare Player for Windows only?

Re: Expanded Teradata Express Family Available

I think I answered my own question, but please let me know if there are any caveats. "Note that in order to run this VM, you'll need to install VMware Player or VMware Server on your system. " I am assuming that the system OS does not matter since this is a VM.
Teradata Employee

Re: Expanded Teradata Express Family Available

Correct, the system (host) OS doesn't matter. The Teradata VMware image will work on Windows, Linux or even the Mac with VMware Fusion. The only requirement is that your CPU supports 64-bit to run the Teradata/SLES 64 bit Linux image.