FASTLOAD - Record too long by n bytes


FASTLOAD - Record too long by n bytes

Facing the following issue with FASTLOAD:

RECORD is too long by n byte(s)

My process creates an extract from DB2 by executing a SQL through DB2 utility,  and loads the extract to a Teradata table using FASTLOAD. The process worked great in test environments, but failed with the above error when loading a file from DB2 prod environment. Table definitions are exactly the same across environments. The load file length, file layout is also the same. I have also taken care of DB2 null indicators for nullable columns. 

I am going through the manuals and researching this issue, but so far no luck.

Appreciate any inputs on the same.



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Re: FASTLOAD - Record too long by n bytes

Nulls in a VARCHAR column in the extract file was the culprit. Found a workaround by treating it as a CHAR by ignoring the length byte, and then using NULLIFF='00000....XC'.

Another option would have been to handle the same in the extract SQL, however, that was beyond our jurisdiction :-).

Not pretty, but worked for the time being.

The question still remains how to handle NULLs in VARCHAR column during FASTLOAD?