Failure 6725 while modifying Profile


Failure 6725 while modifying Profile

An account string is $L0+ADHX&S&D&H.

We are modifying the profile and assign the account string:

modify profile Profile01 AS ACCOUNT=('$L0+ADHX&S&D&H');

 *** Failure 6725 Object name contains restricted characters.

From TD Manual, the explanation for 6725 error  is :

6725   Object name contains non-allowed characters.


The ISF subsystem encountered one of the following non-allowed characters while processing a name string. U+0000, U+001A, U+FFFD, U+FA6C, U+FACF, U+FAD0, U+FAD1, U+FAD5, U+FAD6, U+FAD7.

Generated By:

The ISF subsystem.

For Whom:

End User.


Either your SQL statement or your data has some non-allowed characters in the name string. Correct and resubmit the SQL.

Could you suggest how to resolve the issue?

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Teradata Employee

Re: Failure 6725 while modifying Profile

It works for me:

modify profile doctestprofile as account =('$L0+ADHX&S&D&H');

 *** Profile has been modified.
 *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.

but the account string looks OK. We are most likely running with different DBS releases and object name validation settings. Check your the EnableEON and name validation rule settings.