FastLoad job gets system performance down


FastLoad job gets system performance down

we have a Fastload job fired from Informatics which parses XML and insterts into 12 tables in a single Job, total number of XML files is arround 70K files in 5 Gb.

The problem is as soon as the job starts, Used AWT number jumps to with additional 48 AWT process as appears from Viewpoint if we set only one slave to be fired (which i think due to 12 salve + 12 master for all the tables on each AMP ! )

the problm is server performance is degraded very much and the rate of progress is very low.

the funny thing if we run same job on a single server oracle database with a very low hardware capabilities (compared to the teradata server) the process run smooth in the oracle server in about 5 hours, while in teradata it took more than 18 hours then we aborted it !

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