Fastload error - Too few columns

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Fastload error - Too few columns

Hi All, 


I am using fastload to load from csv file, however, I always get error as below: 


Error on piom GET ROW: 61, Text: Warning, too few columns!ERROR! Delimited Data Parsing error: Too few columns in row 6


However, my data ends at row 5, so row 6 is actually empty. 

I tried to open CSV in excel, and resave it with a different name, and run fastload to load from the re-saved file, the error disappeared, and loading is successfule. 

I cannot figure out why??? 


The original CSV was a result file saved from MS SQL query. 


Any help... much appreciated!!!


Thank you, 


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Re: Fastload error - Too few columns

Hi Ling,


Can you share the failing data file?


You may find that the failing file has a CR/LF (or whatever characters on your cliet platform) at the end of row#6, which would cause Fastload to assume there is another row. But when it reads that row it is (as you say) 'empty'. Hence the error.


Is that possible?




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