Fastload error


Fastload error

I am trying to load a | delimited file and I am getting the following error ....

"error on piom get row : 60 text:column length error , row not returned". Can you please help?

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Re: Fastload error

You should post some more details, DEFINE/SET RECORD/BEGIN LOADING and a part of the log.


Re: Fastload error

Hi amerid

We just got the same message during the development of a new ODI load job.

The reason for this error is:

- In your (e.g. fastload) load job you've defined a column a char(4).

- Somewhere in your file you get a value like 'abcd1234' which is too long.

So, if your definition is correct you have a data quality problem and should ask for a cleansed file.

Ohterwise if the file is correct you have to correct your load job and ask for "correct specs"!  ;-)