File and indices in Teradata


File and indices in Teradata

Hi Supreme Being

I am a bit confused regarding following facts

1)Does Teradata uses b+ tree index files?

2)Does Teradata uses multilevel,sparse,dense index at any place or it is hash indexes all over....

As far as i know......

Teradata uses Hash indices to store hash values in hash maps which points to a particular AMP.....

But it uses heap file organization with pointer to each row in row reference array in last of each block

Please correct me if i am wrong and provide the correct explanation about indices used by teradata(in primary index,secondary index,master index,cylinder index) and also file organization used in teradata(sequential file,hash ordered file,heap file)

I want to know about all things related to physical organization of Teradata as i am moving towards designer side.....Please provide some insight where i can find such details...............

Re: File and indices in Teradata

I would suggest you read the Teradata documentation: Database Design, Release 12.0, B035-1094-67A, September 2007. I suggest looking at Section 3: Physical Database Design. That section explains everything in gory detail. If would be pointless to discuss this here, since it is about 370 pages on just that.