Get the number of sessions of a job


Get the number of sessions of a job

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it's possible to know with some system table (such as dbc.dbqlogtbl or similar) to get the number of sessions opened by a MultiLoad/FastLoad/FastExport/TPT job.

In the dbqlogtbl it seems that Teradata puts only the father session which will create the child sessions...

For example for a particular MultiLoad identified by the LSN (Logon Sequence Number) I found three rows, the first was the begin, the insert part and then the end command.

I know that the job is done with in multisession mode, but how many session the father session opens?!?! Is there a way to retrieve this value?!

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Re: Get the number of sessions of a job

I don't know if it's 100% reliable, but I've used the LogonSource column in dbc.logonoff to do this in the past. In the case of mainframe, the mainframe job name appears in a consistent location in the LogonSource. In the case of Linux/Unix, there is a number in the LogonSource that will be the same for all of the sessions for a given Multiload.

So, it's a matter of doing a SUBSTR on the LogonSource column and then grouping on that and doing a count(*) grouping on the value from the LogonSource.

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Re: Get the number of sessions of a job

Hi All

Can we get the rows loaded by tpt stream or tpump job from dbqlogtbl or any other system table as we can get the same for fload & mload from dbqlogtbl.

How can this be achieved if I want to calcuate the records processed by tpt stream operator/tpump/.