Grant References...

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Grant References...

I need to grant 'references' to user/roles, but I can't figure out how to do the whole database at once. The only way I can find it is the following:

grant references on db.table to user

Is there a way to grant this on the entire db at once??

Re: Grant References...

The following statement will grant on the entire db at once:

grant references on DB to user;

You may consider appending "WITH GRANT OPTION" too.
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Re: Grant References...

Hi TD_Arch,
did you try that before?

*** Failure 3706 Syntax error: Attempt to grant/revoke REFERENCES on database object.

Hi dsearl,
sorry, but you can't grant references on a database level.

Why do you need reference right, probably not for Foreign Keys, so maybe another right (e.g. checkpoint) would work also?