Grant and Revoke


Grant and Revoke

little help.

well, someday my tables will get big and I'll need to protect them from myself. I suppose the best way to do this is to have an alternate ID or assign the security to the DBA.

But what about simply revoking privileges for myself?

so I tried this:
revoke delete on ;

tried to delete rows, error, okay.

then I sent:
grant delete on ;
*** Failure 3523 The user does not have DELETE WITH GRANT OPTION access to

how about:
grant all on ;
*** Grant accepted.

however, still
delete ;
*** Failure 3523 The user does not have DELETE access to

Any suggestions to give me delete access back on such a table?

Re: Grant and Revoke

Wow, this is a bit old but it might be worth answering. Implicitly you have rights on the table that you created. However the table is owned by the database in which it resides. If you revoke access to the table, the only person who can grant it is the owner or someone who had grant option.