High usage by single user


High usage by single user

Currently we are using only one user id to load into staging, Core and Semantic layer. Problem started after DBA suggested to use multiple users to distribute the load. We are using Informatica ETL , what will be the best practice like : Number of user id's to use. To load staging, how many user id's are sufficient and how to use them if parameterized . Different user id's in different stages of loading (Staging, Core and Semantic) is best? . Please suggest what are best practice that are successfully working. Thank you

Teradata Employee

Re: High usage by single user

There's not necessarily a problem with having a single user with high usage. In my view, it's more about tracking resource usage in a way that makes sense for your business, and helps you identify any candidates for additional tuning.


Some very high-level thoughts (not Informatica-specific):

  • Use query band to identify the application, stage, workflow, job, etc.
  • Any given job will ideally have the same database connection username every time it runs.
  • If there are multiple jobs running concurrently, ideally they would have separate usernames.
  • There may be separate reasons (e.g. security) to use different usernames for different stages / layers.