How Tos to run TDExpress on VM


How Tos to run TDExpress on VM

Hi, I Just installed TDExpress14  on VMPlayer,  play with TD Studio Express, is there already any kind of AdventureWOrks being in there?

I totaly lost as new user, what is the db name if any already installed, could not find too much info on TD STudio Express. 

I'd like to see all db objects and make my first dummy SQL, appreaciate you response, I see on youtube some videso about TD Studio, which kind of looks different.

Thanks to all


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Re: How Tos to run TDExpress on VM

I needed this information! No one answered !!

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What information exactly?

There are no more pre-installed databases in the newer TDExpress releases, you create one and then load your own data:

.logon VM.ip.address/dbc,dbc
-- you shouldn't work with dbc, so create a new user:
create user myuser as perm = 20e+09, password = mypassword;

.logon VM.ip.address/myuser,mypassword
create database mydatabase as perm = 10e+09;
database mydatabase;
create table ...