How off the format......


How off the format......

Hi all,

suppose i have created a table which store date in float datatype.
& i specified format of 99:99:99.
so when i retrive data from table it gives data in 99:99:99 format.

here, my question is in teradata do we have any command by which we can off the format while retriving data from table.

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Re: How off the format......

I don't think there's such a thing as "turn off" Format. Format is something which tells Teradata how to display the contents of the column. It Does not effect the way in which the data is stored internally.

Even when you do not explicitly specify a format for the columns when you create a table, TD internally assigns a default format type to the column. This is what is used to display the value when you do a select.

You can however override the default format type of the column by using the FORMAT command.

for example


*** Query completed. One row found. 2 columns returned.
*** Total elapsed time was 1 second.

Date Date
---------- ----------
2007-06-07 2007/06/07

Re: How off the format......

what u answerd above is not fitting in my requirement.....

There is any session level parameter,by which i can change the display format while retriving for a particular datatype......?