How to Learn Teradata


How to Learn Teradata

Hi Friends,

I am having EXperience on Oracle 9i plsql developer, so now i want to learn teradata. I donwloaded Terdata Express edition 12.0, in doc folder contains so many pdf, Can you suggest from where i need to start study.


Re: How to Learn Teradata

Hi kishore,

and for the documentation there's Docs\Teradata_Documentation\Start_Here.pdf
Here it's best to start with
Teradata Database 12.0
-General Reference
--Introduction to Teradata Warehouse

As a developer you'll be interested in the SQL manuals.
And all details about internal structures is found in
-Database Management
--Database Design


Re: How to Learn Teradata

Hi Dieter,

Thanks a lot..

I have an small doubt can you clarify..
Is teradata database used Analysis/Transaction purpose. If it is for analysis purpose,As a oracle developer learning teradata will be useful..