How to Wait, Pause or Sleep


Re: How to Wait, Pause or Sleep

Thanks to all for your suggestions on timestamp.
I have two timestamps (start and end) and i have to increment both to avoid duplicate values and this can
be too much of man-handling the timestamps.

I am therefore using a new column that increments with every call.

Thanks about the precision too. I did notice that even though it's declared for (6) digits
the last 4 are always '0000' and the duplicates are always on the first 2.
I initially wondered how two consecutive calls can have same timestamp upto 6digits of seconds (unless TD engine is running on super computer),
now i know it's only precise upto .00 only (and not until 0.000000)

Thanks once again.

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Re: How to Wait, Pause or Sleep

Here is my case.

I will have one table which will have a set of records. Once I reach a limit (lets say 100), i need to do some processing in my SP.

So, I would want to place a WHILE loop and check for the count of records. If it did not reach 100, i will wait some time and then check...

is this possible or is there any better way for this ?

- Ravi