How to determine the no of joins in a SQL

Teradata Employee

How to determine the no of joins in a SQL

Hi All,

I was hoping if someone could offer any help.

I am trying to create a report which gives the average no of joins applied in SQLs per day for a period of lets say 2 months.

Any join that may have been applied in the definition of the view used in the SQL should also be counted. For ex -

SEL * FROM View1;

Definiton of View1 - SEL Col1,Col2,Col3 FROM Tab1 INNER JOIN Tab2 ON Tab1.Col4 = Tab2.Col5;

I expect to see the no of join in this SQL to be 1.

So far I have only tried DBQL tables.

Because example like the above are quite common SQL submitted, I am unable to use DBQLSqlTbl_Hst.

I am trying to use DBQLogTbl_Hst but I am not getting anywhere near the right no.

Can anyone suggest a logic to figure this out?

Is there any other place where I can derive this info?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,