How to find unused history data from tables


How to find unused history data from tables

I am doing an exercise to identify history data (older than 31/12/2016) from the tables which are not accessed in the past one year.

How do we do this. Which DBC or PDCRinfo Tables can help us here or any functions ..!!??


Some tables have PPI defined on top of them also. we have the attribute - "END_TS" which can give us a hint.


How to find if a record is not queried before 31/12/2016 ?


There may be queries of below pattern where a 2016 data would have got picked :-

1) sel * from t1

2) sel top 10* from t1

3) sel c1, c2 from t1 join j2

4) explicit conditions << where END_TS <= '2016-12-31'

5) Implicit querying on the PI which had tied indirectly to a older records