How to get started using Teradata


How to get started using Teradata


I am new to Teradata. I have installed Teradata Express for VMWare and I am able to do simple queries. However, now I want to create tables, indexes,  procedures, etc. but it appears that the out of the box installation is read only. When I run the sample code I get

Message: [Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 3524] [SQLState 42000] The user does not have CREATE TABLE access to database DBC.

If I am reading the documentation correctly (Database management->Security->Getting Started) there is quite a bit of setup (like establishing users, space, authorization, etc) before doing serious SQL work. I just want to confirm that I am on the right track, or is there a quicker way to do this?

How much setup do I really need?

Any comments are appreciated,



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Hi Octavio,

for testing you simply need a single user, so logon with dbc and submit:

CREATE USER myuser AS PERM = 20e+09, PASSWORD = mypassword;
GRANT ALL ON dbc TO myuser;

From now on logon as this new user...

Re: How to get started using Teradata

Hi Dieter,

Thank you for the tips. I have been able to start doing more serious work using Teradata now. I also started using Teradata Studio which helped quite a bit.  Still learning...

More related questions though:

When Teradata users install licensed copies of the database, are the jdbc drivers shipped with the installation? If so, in what folder are they found? I did a search for them and found multiple copies of the drivers in different folders. Or are users encouraged to download them from the Teradata website instead?

If users download the jdbc drivers from the website, what are the license terms?



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Re: How to get started using Teradata

Users are encouraged to download client drivers from  The license terms are displayed when you click on the link to download the driver.

(Drivers are also included with various client software bundles / discs, which are provided to users with a licensed copy of the database.)

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Re: How to get started using Teradata

Well, we are indeed missing a "Getting started" guide for Teradata. Generall I have no trouble getting things done, but I have to search far and wide for every little step. I a csutomer would ask me to give them advice how to setup a "best practice" DEV and TEST database I would be lost.