How to get total IO for a system

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How to get total IO for a system


I am reading Carrie's post on IO utilization ( and since our current TD version is 14.0 and we are running in SLES 10, we don't have the iota columns yet. I was wondering if there is a way for me to pull the system total/max IO and the total current usage per workload? I see in dbc.ResUsageSPS that we have IOCompleted and IOCompletedKB so can we use that for the workload IO usage? I am not sure which column i can sum to get the total/maximum IO capacity for the whole system.

I just need to know how much of the total IO is being utilized currently by our system and need to be able drill down to the IO usage in the workload level.



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Re: How to get total IO for a system

Hello - I am looking for something similar too. I want to calculate the IO usage of the queries/users on the system. Could anyone point out the resusage tables/columns  that we need to go for?