How to improve macro performance in Teradata?

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How to improve macro performance in Teradata?

I have few delete, insert and update statements. So if I execute this statements in SQL Asst, its taking 15 mins. But if I create macro on top of this statements and execute. It’s taking 30mins.

Kindly suggest me how to improve performance on this scenarios  ?  

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Re: How to improve macro performance in Teradata?

A Macro is exactly the same as a MultiStatement Request, i.e. a single transaction. You probably Delete all rows from a table first and then Insert/Select in that table. This is one of the rare cases where Macros are worse than seperate requests.


When you run it as three individual requests you get a so-called FastPath-Delete avoiding Transient Journal (because the Delete is  immediately commited) and a FastPath InsertSelect which also avoids Transient Journal (because the Insert is into an empty table).