How to use UTC ??


How to use UTC ??

How to use UTC ??

Hello Sir,

Currently,I am working on Timestamp datatype for Teradata,

I am not able to execute UTC in the SELECT script.

Case-01:Below script executed successfully.

​select current_date as cur_date,

current_time as cur_time,

current_timestamp as cur_timestamp


cur_date cur_time cur_timestamp

----------- ----------- -------------------

8/1/2016 5:25:38 AM 8/1/2016 5:25:38 AM


Select utc_date as cur_utc_date,utc_time as cur_utc_time,utc_timestamp as cur_utc_timestamp

Displayed error message " Cannot resolve column 'utc_date'. Specify table or view.

Teradata Employee

Re: How to use UTC ??

What does "use UTC" mean?

You can specify a TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE value with +00:00 as the offset, or use the "AT time zone" modifier, or MODIFY USER to set a default time zone, or SET TIME ZONE for the session.